Dorset Action on Abuse

Professional counselling for survivors of childhood abuse

We provide long term professional one-to-one counselling to adult survivors of childhood abuse in Dorset. The continuation of this work is dependant on funding.

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Services for adult survivors of childhood abuse in Dorset are inadequate and the major step of daring to ask for help therefore often goes unheeded; another distressing blow to those who have already suffered so much. Waiting lists for NHS counselling can be over a year long and is short term (usually 6 sessions), inappropriate to the needs of this traumatised group. Private counselling at £35 - £45 per hour is too expensive for the majority, especially as this group often requires long term counselling. Daa is deeply concerned that when help is sought for this terrible legacy of the abused child, we are able to respond appropriately. Our counselling service provides survivors with up to 12 months of professional one to one counselling. The service is free of charge, although anonymous donations are offered by some clients, according to what they can afford. Our counsellors work on a voluntary basis and are professionals; BACP accredited or working towards accreditation. The fast uptake of the counselling service since its recent launch exemplifies the significant need for counselling in the local area. Professional counselling gives survivors an opportunity to explore feelings and personal issues. Counselling can improve survivors’ personal, family, social and work relationships, their ability to interact within their community and their enjoyment of daily life. A renewed confidence can help reduce the likelihood of survivors entering and/or staying in abusive relationships. Counselling can also relieve symptoms of depression, self harm, panic attacks etc, enabling survivors to see a more positive future.