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We want to replace the small old dilapidated foyer, which no longer fulfil the needs of the theatre and local community. This will help make the theatre self-sufficient in terms of income, and will provide facilities to the local community in the form of the coffee shop and meeting rooms, which we hope will be open throughout the day.

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The Theatre is located in one of the most deprived wards in London, Sommerstown and St Pancras, though the area is improving due to recent investment in St Pancras International. Even so, the Theatre has been in the area for 50 years and operates out of a building more than 100 years old, and is in desperate need of reburshment. Currently the foyer does little aesthetically for the theatre and makes people less likely to visit . Moreover, whilst the current foyer is used by the local community as a venue for meetings and also for acting workshops, the space is restrictive and its use limited. details on project end goals, The Foyer has two main aims; To enhance the aesthetic quality of Theatro Technis and thus attract more people to the theatre, who may currently be put off. This, and the alternative revenue streams the foyer would provide, would help Theatro Technis to become self-sufficient and less reliant upon grants to pursue its activities. The Foyer would put Theatro Technis at the centre of the local community and provide a facility that would promote cohesion between the different ethnic groups of the area. The Theatre would be open all day and the coffee shop with internet access would create a meeting place for people. The foyer would also offer a space for other local organisations to meet, and for Theatro Technis continue benefitting the local community through youth acting workshops but on a larger scale. The project is estimated to cost £250,000 - costing by architect Restructuring - £95,000 Toilets - £10,000 Offices in existing kitchen - £3,000 Bar - £50000 Heating, ventilation, electronics - 45,000 Contractor costs - £20,000 Professional and other fees - £25,000