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The Oedipus Saga

The project involves presenting all the plays connected with the myth of Oedipus in one cycle, something that is without precedent. As such, in the run up to the Olympic Games and during them the theatre will show; ‘Oedpius Tyrannus’, Oedpius at Colonus’, ‘Antigone’, ‘Seven Against Thebes’ and ‘The Phoenician Women’. It is hoped the project will be part of the Cultural Olympiad and will engage more people in theatre in this deprived area of London.

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To the ancient Greeks the Olympics were not merely a sporting event, they were a celebration of culture, and the games would be accompanied by festivals, debates and drama. This cultural exchange is also a key tenet of the modern Olympic Games and Theatro Technis and its project encapsulates much of the character of the 2012 games. The Theatre has Greek roots, is based in London and relies on a multi-national body of actors, crew and volunteers. The presentation of the Oedipus Saga clearly links to the Greek heritage of the Games, but also it represents the ability of theatre to transcend national boundaries and speak to people in universal terms. The majority of the saga will be presented in English, as the lingua franca of our era it will enable to most people to understand the work. Aims and goals;  The Olympic Games is crucial in inspiring youngsters to take up athletic endeavours, it is hoped that in parallel Theatro Thechnis can stimulate young minds and get them interested in theatre.  Though more generally the Oedipus Saga provides a great introduction to all people not familiar with theatre. The project will provide affordable and entertaining theatre in the local area and hopes to attract those who normally do not get to see plays. o The plays will be produced and viewed by people of many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Like sport theatre can promote understanding between all people. The project aims to bring different people in the community brief financial breakdown, Costs Income Actors (10 for 12 weeks at £364 p/w) £43680 Box Office £14400 Director (12 weeks at £364) £4368 Programmes £1000 Technicians (2 for 8 weeks at £250) £4000 Bar income £1500 Musician fee £1500 Total £16900 Designer fee £1500 Theatre rental costs £18000 Publicity and printing £2000 Bar expense £1000 Costumes, Props and set £500 Sundry fund £300 Total £76848 Deficit £59948 – amount we need to raise, though even if we cannot raise the full amount we hope to go ahead with the project. We would be very grateful for any contribution to get the project off the ground and make the idea a reality.