Rwanda Aid

"Progressive" housing

To provide safe shelter for families with no homes or inadequate homes, and at the same time to help those families raise their standard of living and become more self-sufficient.

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It ran from 8:28 AM, 3 September 2010 to 8:28 AM, 3 September 2010


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Very nearly 70% of the rural population of Rwanda is living below the poverty line, barely able to feed themselves. Their situation is made even more desperate when they are "living" in inadequate housing. Often we find families huddled together in leaky, dirty, cramped housing, despairing of the future. The situation is particularly desperate on Nkombo Island which suffered an earthquake in February 2008. Here there are still over 150 families living under makeshift tarpaulins. Rwanda Aid has developed a specially designed house incorporating quake-proof foundations, composting toilets, solar lighting, mosquito and termite protection, fuel efficient stoves with chimneys and water harvesting. The houses are designed not just to provide safe and comfortable shelter, but also to help families to raise their standard of living and become more self-sufficient. Once each house is built, Rwanda Aid operates a three year follow-up programme designed to help the family use their new house to the best advantage, and to provide the necessary training and support to enable them to fend for themselves. Each house costs £2500. We are currently running a competition for further improvements to the design.