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Total Football

Total Football is a weekly community football tournament for young people in Leatherhead aged 11-18. The project aims to keep young people off of the streets on a friday night, and to ensure a healthy lifestyle through sport.

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  • Young People (18-30)Young People (18-30)



Leatherhead Youth Project, in partnership with Therfield Sports College, runs Total Football every friday evening. Using fantastic astroturf facilities at Therfield School, and with the help of willing volunteers, we are able to create a 7-a-side football league to serve young people in Leatherhead. The project has been extremely well attended over its 3 years, seeing up to 75 young people playing each week. Sport is extremely important to many teenagers, and this gives young people the opportunity to participate and take pride in teamwork and football. Through the project we aim to connct young people with sports, establish good relationships with our volunteers, who acts as referees and role models on the night, and ultimately to see the young people participating growing into roles of responsibility. We are pleased to say that young people who began participating years ago are now beginning to referee for the project as volunteers, which we feel is fantastic progress.