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BFree Youth Cafe is a drop-in facility for young people in Leatherhead aged 11-18. Our objective is to keep young people off of the streets and engaging with good, secure role models. BFree provides a safe, relaxing atmosphere for local underpriveled teenagers to come and chat with friends, enjoy a game of pool, experience all of the latest games consoles, use the internet, or spend time with our staff and volunteers.

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BFree Youth Cafe is open every day after school, from 3:15pm to 6:15pm Monday to Thursday, and open until the later time of 8pm on Friday nights. The sessions are informal and allow any young person of secondary school age to drop in, relax, and enjoy our facilities. BFree began nearly 4 years ago, when Leatherhead Youth Project recognised the need for local young people to have a regular connection point and place to go after school. The youth cafe regularly has up to 50 different young people coming through our doors every day, with each young person free to play games, enjoy food from the cafe, use one of our 6 computers or spend time with our. Since this launch, we have had over 10,000 visit each year to the youth cafe, proving that we are well placed to serve young people in the community and meet their needs. Leatherhead Youth Project recently launched its healthy eating campaign, which encourages young people to get their '5 a day' portions of fruit and vegetables. We achieve this through a regular programme of providing smoothies and milshakes at the youth cafe, with the young people making and selling these drinks to their peers, which encourages them to educate eachother about healthy lifestyle. We also aim to provide a healthy meal for young people at BFree Youth Cafe once a month, providing all 5 poritons of fruit and vegetables in one meal! This is something we are hoping to develop and provide more often, as many young people we have contact with do not have a healthy meal waiting for them at home. At Leatherhead Youth Project we measure our success though the relationships we establish. We are extremely proud of the platform BFree Youth Cafe has given us into the local community, and we firmly believe that the regular, every day contact that we have with young people at BFree is vital to helping develoip them and improve their lives.