Fathers and Sons

Fathers have been shown to be of key importance in their children's self-esteem, success, and attainment. this is of particular significance with boys. As boys approach puberty and their teenage years there is often a breakdown in the relationship between them and their fathers that can have numerous negative impacts. 'Fathers And Sons' is a 12-week programme working with boys (primarily between the ages of 11 - 14).It works to combat and stop the degeneration that often occurs in the realtionship with their fathers around the age of 15 and to prevent the relationship becoming irrecoverable.

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We will run 3 programmes a year, of 12 weeks of twice weekly sessions. Beginning with activities including games, sports and cooking where participants play and learn together. A residential session will follow; focusing on learning about team work and problem solving. The final sessions will concentrate on learning to plan and develop shared activities to continue after the programme finishes. Participants will leave with a range of ideas and materials allowing them to maintain, develop and enrich their positive interaction. Ongoing support will be offered in the form of two follow up sessions and facilitated groups. Innovative and creative features of the programme: • The use of learning boxes (boxes that would contain everything needed for a father-son team to complete a 'learning task' - e.g. building a Go-Kart, learning a new game) • The opportunity to share the experience of the programme's residential element • The focus on learning to plan for future activities together to create sustainability in the relationships beyond the time of the programme Features of marketing and delivery: • Accessible information will go to a large number of potential referrers, many of whom already have strong links with Aston-Mansfield, emphasising the informal but constructive approach • Activities will take place in welcoming, non-threatening environments such as community centres. • The courses will attract a wide range of participants with different skills and abilities, allowing participants to share and learn from each other as well as from the programme leaders The term "absent fathers" is broader than fathers not residing in the family home. As far as this project is concerned an absent father is one that does not engage with their child or support the child’s transition into adulthood. In addition to absent fathers there is also the tension that exists between a child and their parent while the child develops into an adult. Many men find the best route is to ignore their child during this period. This project is an early intervention that will give the relationship between father and son a foundation by enjoying a shared experience. This project will fill a gap where there is currently no provision to creatively engage fathers with teenage sons in a joint learning process. This project's style is an informal educative one and as such will not be threatening to the participants. Our outcomes will directly address the identified needs: actually improving the father son relationship is in itself; increasing confidence which will lead to a constructive increase in participation in education by fathers; increasing the uptake of leisure activities; and increasing educational attainment. The project will cost £205,915 over 3 years.