R.R.R - Rooms of Respite & Relief

The establishment of respite rooms and sleeping accommodations in and nearby hospitals around London and Manchester, stocked with hot/cold food and reading materials in which family and friends can take 'respite' from the busy wards when caring for a patient or relative .

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Ezra Umarpeh are aware of the fact that there are unfortunate inconveniences when one has to care for a patient in hospital: • Hospitals are often in remote areas where there isnt always food and drink available and can be quite costly if purchased on premises. • The wards can at times be very stressful and hectic for friends and relatives tending to their loved ones. • Hospitals can be a great distance away from home and travelling can involve a lot of energy, effort and money.


Respite rooms are: • Regularly stocked with hot/cold food and drink, available free of charge and caters for specific dietry requirements. • An energizing retreat from the tension and anxiety of the wards, where one can unwind with up-to-date reading material, snacks and a hot drink for as long as necessary. There are sleeping accommodations in close proximity to hospitals available for overnight stay at no cost, saving a person the hassle of making numerous trips to and from hospital.