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Improved reception and office facilities

Our ancient, donated portable office is scruffy and falling apart at the well-worn and used seams. It is far too small for our needs and we have become a victim of our own success in the number of visiting public that we entertain means many have to wait in turn in the rain as there is only room for 2 adults at a time in our tiny reception area.

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A larger office and public space will make a massive difference to morale, it is very hard and depressing to work in disorganised chaos caused by a lack of filing and shelf space. We will be able to have a private office area which we need for delicate meetings, and when people handing over their animals become distressed or need to explain reasons in private with the shelter manager. We also need more than one phone line and would love to be able to have 2 members of office staff on duty as we are unable to accommodate the volume of calls with our current situation. Quotes for refurbished second hand portable offices, installed, powered and kitted out are in the region of £10,000 - £12,000 PLEASE HELP US