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GGF Educational Sponsorship Programme

Working with partners and external agencies, our project has one aim; to create opportunities for children and young people through the provision of scholarships where poverty would have forced them to abandon their education.

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During our visit to Nigeria in February 2004, I met children who were attending schools without shoes, school uniforms, books and with no breakfast. Most of these children were orphans and were leaving with extended families who could not afford to attend good schools, buy school uniform or educational supplies for them. What touched me most was the fact they were coming to school without food. How can a child learn if they are hungry? Our project to help these children to be educated.


Our project is making a difference to less privileged children’s lives by providing them with access to good education. Our sponsorship pays for school fees, school uniform, shoes, books, stationery, school meals and regular medical care. It is bringing positive change and giving these children a hope for a brighter future. It is making a real and lasting difference and giving less privileged children a future.