Christian Youth Enterprises Sailing Centre

Project to replace the accommodation ship "Gerald Daniel"

Christian Youth Enterprises Sailing Centre (CYESC) is planning major improvements to their residential facilities in order to support, challenge and develop more young people. We have developed an exciting plan to replace the current accommodation ship “The Gerald Daniel” with a vessel purpose built to meet the needs of groups visiting CYESC.

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Currently, residential accommodation is provided onboard an ex-navy minesweeper, ‘The Gerald Daniel’. Now fifty four years old, this wooden vessel requires constant maintenance and no longer meets the diverse needs of visitors and the growing work of the Centre. In addition, the inadequate heating and insulation within the GD limits the season from Easter to October. Access is also restricted as steep steps prevent all those with limited mobility reaching the main accommodation and dining areas. A new ship will preserve this valuable residential experience for the future. It will also allow us to create a fresh and exhilarating range of events for all our visitors with exciting facilities and opportunities to meet the requirements of the vulnerable, disadvantaged and those with special educational needs. Offering accommodation in this way would retain a key feature of adventure education at CYESC; combining outdoor learning with the unique and memorable experience of living onboard ship. To start the venture we have developed comprehensive business and project plans and raised over £235,000 to complete phase one. To date we have purchased a 32m x 9m steel barge, commissioned a marine architect to complete designs, obtained planning permission and started phase 1 deck construction. We are now rasing funds and preparing plans for the conversion phase, which will provide an extra 250m2 of quality accommodation, suitable for year round use. This additional use, together with facilities for those with limited mobility and 10 additional beds will allow us to welcome an extra 1500 young people each year, ensuring over 3500 young people a year could benefit from the challenge and enjoyment of a residential course at CYESC. The project will cost £1.3m This pays for the purchase of the hull, construction of the steel superstructure, internal and external conversion and fitting out, equipping the catering areas, dining room teaching areas and bedrooms plus upgrading the jetty, gang planks and pontoons.