Reprieve Death Row Fellowships

Help Reprieve provide lawyers and investigators to assist prisoners facing the death penalty worldwide.

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Perhaps the most important factor in determining whether someone will receive the death penalty is the quality of the representation they are provided with. Almost no defendants in capital cases can afford their own lawyers. In many cases, the state appointed attorneys are overworked, underpaid, or lacking the trial experience required for death penalty cases – some are even known to have slept through trials, or turned up drunk. Reprieve provides free frontline investigation and legal assistance to prisoners facing the death penalty worldwide. One way we do this, is by providing exceptional Reprieve Fellows – either lawyers or investigators – to work on the ground in these hugely under-resourced conditions. The Fellows are dispatched each year to their chosen battlegrounds to work extraordinarily long hours, knocking on doors looking for reluctant witnesses, digging their way through archives and storage rooms in sleepy courthouses searching for that critical missing piece of evidence, driving the huge distances between prisons, drafting legal briefs and falling asleep over the photocopier at four in the morning. Each of these rookie lawyers or investigators may find themselves the only thing standing between a prisoner and the execution chamber. Each year, Reprieve conducts an annual open competition for a limited number of fellowships. These Fellowships are awarded to outstanding individuals with a proven commitment to capital defence work. The recipients start up projects or take up positions in non profit host organisations in the USA working on behalf of poor people facing the death penalty. The help of our fellows allows Reprieve to place a particular priority on the use of the death penalty against the innocent, juveniles, the mentally ill or learning impaired and disproportionate use against people from ethnic minorities. Please help us to provide this vital assistance to those facing the death penalty by sponsoring a Reprieve Fellow for a year, for £25 000.