Infant mortality in Sickle Cell in Sierra Leone

Infant mortality (IM) in Sierra Leone (SL) is high. And because sickle cell anemia (SCA) is a frequent cause of severe illness, it is important to determine its contribution to IM in the country. This pilot project aims to detect SCA newborns in the country & define the clinical outcomes among them

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There are many factors contributing to infant mortality in Sierra Leone, among which sickle cell anemia is believed to be a major cause. But because the sickle cell status of infants is not usually known, by the time they fall ill due to its complications, appropriate treatment is delayed and babies die unnecessarily. However, if their sickle cell anemia status is known as soon as possible after birth, many of the complications and even death among these babies can be prevented.


We will test all newborn babies at the main government maternity hospital in Freetown for sickle cell anemia. Babies affected by sickle cell will be placed on a preventive regimen that would include parental education and counselling, prophylactic antibiotics, anti-malarials and vitamins.