Helping The Burmese Delta

Tackling plastic rubbish in rural Myanmar

In remote rural areas of Myanmar, plastics tend to simply get discarded, or worse still dropped into the rivers. We want to fund a project to tackle this problem in an area very familiar to us, and develop scaleable approaches that can be extended. Where possible, we will seek recycling options.

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Plastic rubbish is a worldwide problem with major consequences. We work in remote areas of the Irrawaddy Delta of Myanmar, a poverty stricken world where environmental issues get little attention. Villages here are littered with rubbish because there are no systems for dealing with it, and much of the plastic ends up in the many streams, and eventually the ocean. We are determined to work with the villages that we know well to develop approaches to tackle this problem.


This is not a simple problem! The first stages of the project will be research, to examine the extent and nature of the rubbish, what if anything happens to it now, and assess villagers' knowledge of and attitudes to plastics. We will collect samples of rubbish and get them classified according to safe disposal methods. This will lead to a set of procedures to dispose of rubbish in a practical way, that we can pilot with interested villages and schools, giving demonstrable improvements.