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A club for young people who want to write - blogs, films, novels, poetry and plays.

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  • Children (3-18)Children (3-18)
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We would like to resource a regular Saturday club for young people aged 11+ where they can work with professional writers and inspiring practitioners to develop their creative writing work. We would like to offer young people the potential to create real products from their work in print, online and in a variety of mediums that help them to communicate their talent and their opinions in a professional and persuasive way. Resourcing a Saturday Club will require us to pay for both a venues, materials and to cover the freelance fees of professional writers. Each day will cost £400 to produce. Each session could accommodate up to 20 young people. We would like to run this project throughout the year (excluding major holiday periods) and would like to deliver at least 20-30 sessions a year.