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candle making project

One of our latest proposals is a request from one of our groups in Kampala, Uganda, to train and equip them to make candles for local sale. Candles are an important source of light in Uganda where electricity is not affordable for the majority. Update: this project is now working and once results have been monitored it could spread to other groups. We recently (Feb 09) had two trustees from the UK visit all the projects and their report back was very encouraging. Th candles also help to ward off mosquitoes.

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This is just one of our groups, and is newly formed. Each of our groups of single parents have an elected chair and treasurer, and the views of the groups on the best way forward to tackle the economic problems in their lives are canvassed and discussed at length. This group have hit upon a new idea which is to try to make candles to sell. The cost of the project is actually £2,000, give or take currency fluctuations, a sum which will allow implementation and training up to the point at which the participants will be able to take on the work as a viable economic enterprise.