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Discovery Childrens Film Festival

Working with children from across Scotland to help them learn about the world through exciting, life-changing cinema experiences.

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The Discovery Film Festival has grown from a partnership originally established between macrobert Arts Centre in Stirling and DCA in Dundee. Built around an ambitious mix that brought together education and children's culture into a celebration of international and home grown media, it now represents a strong and inclusive platform for the children and young people of Scotland. The culture of children and young people is a distinct and transitory phenomenon, yet for each of us it represents a hugely significant phase in our lives when standards are set, goals are formed and sensations felt for the first time. Like most of us, children find much of their understanding of the outside world through screen media, but too often this important space in the lives of young people is abandoned to low quality experiences, often uninformed by a real dialogue with the young people themselves. Through Discovery we aim to work with a number of partners, nationally and internationally, who are committed to developing and delivering cultural experiences for and by young people, working towards an empowerment in the use of, and an aspiration in the application of, our screen media. This unique programme will sustain the links and partnerships that will help children and young people in Scotland to have the ambition and aspirations to ensure a vibrant future screen culture for the nation.