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Dedicated Studio Spaces for Cross Art Forms in Glasgow

To have a dedicated space for Cross Art Forms in Glasgow

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WHY A DEDICATED CROSS-ART FORM SPACE FOR GLASGOW: Boundaries between artforms and audience/participant are crumbling daily, yet there are no dedicated facilities in Scotland which bring the creation of work under such diverse artforms together under one roof and no venues that can house ambitious Aerial/Circus work. We want something entirely new to realise the potential of this cross art-form collaboration which also breaks down the lines between artist, participant and audience. Our ‘crucible of experimentation’ will capture and unite the imaginations and skills of participants and public alike in a 12,000 sqft purpose-designed space within the redeveloped Briggait project. This welcoming, inspiring and sustainable space will provide irresistible opportunities for professional, aspirant & recreational practitioners of all ages & abilities to develop their practice - and will inspire participants and visitors. Because it will be artist-led, this creative home and hub will also, importantly, have a ‘Heart’. The facilities created – rehearsal/training studios, multi-function spaces for making/showing work – will be designed with creative work & working processes in mind. This is a factory, not a theatre, gallery or educational institute. PROJECT END GOALS - WHO WILL BENEFIT: Aspiring amateurs / members of the public: through classes and ‘sharings’ in all forms of physical work, dance, circus and performance art available for all levels of ability, with an underlying philosophy that promotes aspirational activity above recreational activity. Professional dancers, aerialists & performers: through on-going training for continuous professional development and space/support for R&D of new work Emerging professionals: early discussions have taken place about housing aspects of Adam Smith College’s proposed accredited diploma in physical theatre and circus Adults/Children with disability: through the work of Indepen-dance and Dance House Local Communities: through an extensive and ongoing outreach programme BUDGET: Costs inlcuding prelims £1,850,000 Quantity Surveyors Estimates range from £1.67 m to £2.4m Fees (15% - less costs to Stage C) £227,500 Costs to RIBA Stage C included in Development Budget Sub TOTAL £2,077,500 VAT 363,563 TOTAL £2,441,063