Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society

CRM Society 40th Anniversary Exhibition

1973-2013: Celebrating 40 years of protecting Mackintosh’s unique architectural heritage. Will include film, exhibition and timelines, on Mackintosh, Glasgow, Maryhill - tours, talks workshop series, formal and informal learning. A book on the Mackintosh Church is also planned.

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Maryhill is an area of multiple deprivations, with very high rates of unemployment, health problems, addiction and poverty. We have, given this context, achieved great things with our past levels of funding, which give us the confidence to plan ambitious yet realistic future projects. The Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society is working closely with the Queen’s Cross Housing Association and other local-community organisations. The Society faces challenges with very limited resources and income.


Our planned projects will help capture local memories and map the social history of the area. Following the great success of “The Amazing Mr Mackintosh” we are planning a new book that will be non-academic and accessible, and will encompass through links to our website contributions from the local community on the Mackintosh Church. Another plan is to run school workshops which will introduce primary school children to art, design and the context of this building in the local area.