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FRAGMENTS - Exploring Tropical Forests

A photographic study of four of the most diverse tropical forests in the world - areas where the threat to their survival is still increasing. Despite major efforts over the past 20 years to create and support national parks in which to protect endangered species the overall threat to biodiversity has increased. Photographer and Geographer Stuart Franklin will create a stunning exhibition, book and visual legacy of the most endangered areas of tropical forest in the world. Franklin hopes to provide material that will act as a catalyst for change, but that also records the forests as they are for future generations.

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Franklin will look at the causes and effects of the threat to forests in: MADAGASCAR - Ranomafana National Park and Beza-Bahafaly Special Reserve SUMATRA - Barisan Selatin National Park and Kerinci Selbat (supported by World Conservation Society and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) PAPUA NEW GUINEA - Arfak Mountains Nature Reserve WESTERN AMAZONIA (EQUADOR) - Yasuni Nation Park