Welfare Association

Emergency Gaza Appeal

1.5 million Palestinian living in enforced isolation in the Gaza Strip are suffering a humanitarian disaster. Welfare Association is providing food, medical supplies and fuel for ambulances.

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It ran from 10:47 AM, 15 November 2012 to 10:47 AM, 15 November 2012

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Welfare Association is providing immediate relief aid in the form of basic foodstuffs and medical supplies to the people in Gaza as a rapid response to the severe humanitarian crisis caused by the conflict in the last four weeks. Direct beneficiaries include needy families, hospitals and health centres. Welfare Association has so far distributed: •32,000 litres of diesel, sufficient to supply the centres for one month, were distributed at a cost of $66,000 in coordination with the International Red Cross •$156,000 worth of beds and medical equipment were purchased locally and distributed to 16 NGO hospitals and health centre emergency rooms •1,500 food packages in the southern areas of the Gaza Strip •1,600 food packages to families in the northern areas of the Gaza Strip Each food package is valued at $50 and will be disbursed through a network of 16 charitable organizations who act as our local partners. Contents include rice, pasta, beans, yeast, humus, jam, tea, tinned meat, cheese, oil, halaweh and sugar. In the second stage of our activities, 10,000 food packages worth $500,000 are being distributed to families throughout the Gaza Strip. In addition, 10,200 food and urgent non-food items (baby milk and food packages, 5,000 mattresses, 5,000 blankets, 5,000 drinking water packages, plastic sheets, and 2,000 baby diapers) are being purchased in the West Bank and transferred to Gaza through UN facilitation. Welfare Association’s emergency relief has already benefited more than 100,000 individuals. Aid worth $1.3 million has already been disbursed throughout the Gaza Strip.