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Waste to Wealth

Waste to Wealth tackles the growing problem of solid waste management in urban areas by supporting micro and small level enterprises to sustainably derive an income whilst reducing waste. We support local entrepreneurs in Cameroon, Uganda, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone to achieve this.

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Rapid urbanisation has placed huge strains on the environment and local infrastructure. Existing waste management systems are unable to cope with the increased demands and rubbish is left to rot by the roadside, polluting water sources, contributing to flooding and posing serious health risks for local communities. The onus is often left to the communities themselves, who often face huge economic and employment barriers.


Living Earth’s Waste to Wealth programme takes a tri-sector approach, encouraging all sectors of society to develop collaborative solutions to tackle the challenges of waste management. It seeks to capitalize on the potential of slum dwellers to drive changes in their cities through the establishment of micro level public-private partnerships and the promotion of income generating ‘waste to wealth’ activities.