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International Maternal & Child Healthcare textbook

Healthcare textbook written to help health workers treating pregnant women and girls, their newborn infants, and all children (including adolescents) admitted to hospitals in countries all over the world. Particularly aimed at poorly resourced countries to improve standard of care in all hospitals

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In many countries up to date resources are limited and borders and infrastructures are insecure. Staff can find it particularly difficult to work in rural areas. Dedicated doctors, nurses and midwives in these settings find their work hard and often over-whelming. Access to up-to-date evidence based guidelines in the settings described here is extremely difficult. The internet is too slow, printing from computers is too expensive, and in our experience, books remain essential.


Following requests from the health workers in low resource settings, the aim of the editors and our authors is to provide this textbook free of charge to as many as possible of those health workers on the front-line in the most disadvantaged hospitals in the world which are open to all women and children irrespective of their or family’s ability to pay. The book has been written and peer-reviewed by over 100 experts from around the world. They have freely given their time and expertise.