Vacation Chamber Orchestras

2009 Bursary Appeal

To raise funds to be able to offer places on our courses to the best players regardless of financial circumstances. Students often struggle to find the funds to join us, even though we keep our courses fees to an absolute minimum, ideally, we would like no student to have to turn down the chance to join us on financial grounds.

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To maintain the high standards and prestigious reputation for which the orchestra has become renowned throughout the North East and beyond, it is essential that it is able to continue to attract the very best talent from across the country. While course costs are kept as low as possible, students occasionally regretfully decline the offer of a place to play with the orchestra simply for financial reasons, particularly now, in the worsening economic climate. It is our aim to ensure that no student must forego the opportunities VaCO has to offer through lack of funds. With the support of the Musicians’ Benevolent Fund, the orchestra is looking to secure funding for bursaries to assist 24 students each year with the cost of attending one of its courses. Each bursary would attract a £100 contribution to course fees, and £50 to cover transport to and from the course location, and any other additional costs incurred. The total cost for this project would be £3600, however, the orchestra would be exceedingly appreciative of any contribution the fund felt it could make. Great care would be taken to make the money reach the most able students in genuine need of assistance. In addition, all bursary awards would adhere to the Fund’s terms and conditions regarding age and nationality requirements.