Bolenowe Animal Sanctuary

Pasture Management Project

To raise funds to purchase a heavy duty mechanical "Dung Collector" and small tractor unit to better manage the pastureland that is used by some 60 rescued horses. This will be an open ended project as once started it will continue year and year.

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We are fortunate insofar as our Sanctuary is within not only an AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) but also within a SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest). We own 33 acres of land which is divided into six enclosures. Our policy is to give our resident equines as near a natural lifestyle as possible. This means that, apart from those needing day to day special treatment for example for psychological or medical reasons the majority of the equines live in a herd. This does produce a considerable amount of dung. Normally equines in a herd would roam from pasture to pasture. We can't afford that luxury so to keep the pastures in a reasonable condition this dung needs clearing from time to time. This is a very time consuming job and is rarely fully successful. We have just two full time and two part time staff and their time is fully taken up with actual animal care. The provision of a mechanical dung collector would enable us to carry out this necessary work in a much more efficient way. This in turn would greatly increase our pasture health and quality benefitting not only our resident equines but all the local wildlife as well. Dung left too long on open ground is very detrimental to the health of the pasture and is a breeding ground for many parasitic worms As stated above we are within both an AONB and a SSSI area and as such we feel that as a registered charity it is encumbant upon us to make every effort in the Countryside project of setting aside and properly managing our hedge fringes to encourage the indigenous wild flowers and wildlife. All of our enclosures are contained within natural, live hedges. They are all so well established that they need very little maintenance. Indeed we try not to disturb them unnecessarily so as not to disturb the abundance of wildlife that is there. We are also lucky insofar as every year we get flocks of swallows feeding a couple of feet above the pastures. There are attracted to the flies that are in turn attracted to the dung. We will ensure that this cycle is not disturbed. Studies show that the flies are attracted mainly to the fresh deposits. Even more reason to keep the pasture clean. In conclusion we would add that our volunteer who is managing this project gives a personal guarantee that any donation will be used solely for the purchase of the equipment mentioned and that no expenses or commission will be taken.