The Donkey Sanctuary

Small Soft Yards

We would like to provide soft, exercise yards for two of our shelters at The Donkey Sanctuary in Devon.

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During the cold and wet winter months, it is often impossible for the donkeys to be 'turned out' on to the fields. We would like to be able to provide all of our donkeys with a soft based, outside area so that they are able to have fresh air and exercise when the fields are too wet to be able to use. A 'Soft Yard' is an exercise space, with a bark woodchip floor, which is ideal for donkeys to run about on in the rainy winter months. 'Soft Yards' for Shelters 1 and 2 will cost around £11,000 each. There are usually between 10 - 15 donkeys residing in each of these shelters that would benefit directly from this appeal.