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Self-Sustaining Street Children's Home

To create a sustainable form of income for a home for street children in Peru, so that the home can focus on the care, welfare and future of the children, rather than how to pay next month's bills.

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  • Children (3-18)Children (3-18)
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Azul Wasi (The Blue House) is a home established for children and adolescents who are currently spending much of their young lives working and living on the streets of Cusco. Some are living in extreme poverty in overcrowded houses; others have chosen to sleep on the streets having left their abusive or alcoholic homes. Living on the streets, these children and adolescents are considered to be ‘at high risk’, due to their vulnerability surrounded by the street culture of drugs, glue-sniffing and prostitution. Azul Wasi is a home offering a refuge for these children by taking them away from the dangers of the inner city and giving them a safe haven in the countryside outside of Cusco. Currently Azul Wasi is in its early stages of development - housing 12 children. However the need is far greater and the home would like to be able to provide a safe refuge for more children. The aim of the home is to be as self sustaining as possible, using a greenhouse and small hold and bread oven to support and feed the home, but equally using these facilities to teach the children invaluable life skills. The children are involved in running the small hold, growing their own vegetables and rearing their own livestock. To be fully self-sustainable, the home needs a reliable form of income and have identified a gap in the local market for a chicken farm and shop, which would allow them to feed the children, create a sustainable income and equally teach the young adults business skills. The funds would be spent on building and equipping the shop and farm, as well as initial training into the care of the birds, and business training for both carers and the children and adolescents of the home.