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'Good neighbour schemes' in rural Cambridgeshire

Helping local communities to develop and sustain their own, home-grown and locally-owned volunteer schemes to support independence for isolated, older, vulnerable residents. We work with local residents to identify what is needed, and help local volunteers to put together a way of helping.

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Examples could include lunch clubs, independent day centres, community car schemes, peripatetic wardens, book cafe's in local halls, etc. We also run some bigger schemes ourselves if the insurance and training liabilities would be too much for a small local scheme to tackle. Currently we offer Welcome Home from Hospital (across Cambrideshire), Help at Home (in East Cambridgeshire) and Stay in Touch. Our main need is for salaries for our development workers and volunteer co-ordinators. We also incur costs for training volunteers, CRB checking, literature and so on. Although we obtain grants where possible, these tend to be for specific projects and we really need funding to help us to the preparatory groundwork too and to keep advising and supporting schemes once they have established successfully. Our total expenditure was just over £200,000 in 20087/09, shared between four rual district's development officers and two direct services teams. For the current year, we need increased funding for the Huntoingdonshire and Fenland districts in particular.