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Domestic Violence Support Groups - DOVES

Our Domestic Violence Support Group (DOVES) - a six week course - has an intake of about 12 young people (approximately 50 a year) between the ages of 9 and 16 who have suffered from domestic violence either directly or indirectly. Domestic violence accounts for 75% of children on the Child Protection Register, and 30% of recorded violent crime is attributed to domestic abuse (figures from GSCB CP training update, 2008).

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Children may be harmed physically, emotionally and psychologically. They may show symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress which can cause problems with sleeping and eating, or have low self esteem, anger management problems, a tendency towards self harm, depression and suicidal thoughts. This can then affect personal relationships, attendance at school, academic success, ability to find employment and can create antisocial behaviour. Our aim is to provide a safe and supportive group environment to enable children and young people (CYPs) who have experienced domestic violence to talk through their experiences, work through their anger issues, and heal from the trauma they have suffered. We are working in partnership with the Forest of Dean Women’s Services Refuge, together with local schools, Connexions, The Door (Stroud), Candi, Reintegration Services in the Forest of Dean, Gloucester and Cheltenham, and Contact a Family, who refer young people to the project. As the young people share and take part in the activities, they feel valued, listened to and empowered, and they are helped to identify negative stereotypes and gender roles, replacing them with positive ones, and to release some of the negative feelings associated with the loss and trauma they have suffered. They are also made more aware of the effects of domestic violence and they are helped not to repeat these patterns themselves. For a 6 week course Project: £ 800.00 Counsellor’s Salary 63.20 Travel and Subsistence Costs 50.00 Premises and Overheads 80.00 Administration Costs 100.00 Capital Expenditure 50.00 Monitoring and Evaluation (time allocation) Cost of a Project (6 week course) £1143.20