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Help Dogs Trust redevelop Roden Rehoming Centre

A major refurbishment is underway at Roden which will make it one of the most energy-efficient buildings in the country, as well as giving all dogs state-of-the-art accommodation. All new centres are built with the needs of dogs as our primary concern to help them into new homes as soon as possible.

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Dogs Trust Roden has been rehoming dogs since 1970. The centre was built without the knowledge of animal behaviour and proven stress reduction design which now exists. Our research shows people are put off going to a rehoming centre because they believe centres are distressing and full of undesirable dogs. Having first class facilities means we have more visitors as well as less stressed and happier dogs which together enable us to save the lives of more dogs.


Major features… State-of-the-art kennels - glass fronted with under floor heating Vet suite - for routine checks, neutering & minor operations Intake kennel block - separate block from the main kennels Specialist puppy unit & bespoke whelping kennel Training barn Training & behaviour block - for intensive remedial training to overcome behaviour problems Old Dogs’ Home – for dogs too old or frail to cope with kennel life Spacious exercise areas & woodland walk