Cetacean Research & Rescue Unit (CRRU)

CRRU Offshore Research Boat Appeal

The CRRU is currently trying to raise funds to purchase an Arran-class ex-lifeboat for the charity's crucial research work with whales and dolphins in the Moray Firth in NE Scotland.

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With its full MCA coding, this vessel will allow the charity to expand its current whale and dolphin research activities in northeast Scotland, to achieve further coverage of the Moray Firth and North Sea study area. This further, "multi-scale" survey coverage should ultimately assist the research team in identifying those oceanographic, biological and anthropogenic determinants underlying the distinctive patterns of cetacean distribution seen in this area; and these objectives are believed to be fundamental to local management directives for the protection of the coastal whale and dolphin communities in this area, as well as being directly applicable to conservation strategies for these animals in other UK locations and even in European waters.