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To develop wonderful gardens to support the children and families who use the services of children's hospices throughout the UK. These gardens can be for play, or for rest and recuperation, for stimulation or simply a delight in nature. The gardens can also provide a space to reflect and remember.

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Life-limited children and their families whilst in hospices receive wonderful medical care and support, but often they need somewhere else to be a family together. A Greenfingers garden offers a specially created outdoor area that adds so much more to their care and support and are often described as a place to bring the work that goes on inside the hospice, outside.


By working with the hospices, Greenfingers Charity use experienced experts to design accessible gardens to meet their needs. Sometimes a play garden is required to include wheelchair-friendly activities or special sensory equipment, allowing siblings to play together and create special families memories. At other times, a quiet or reflective garden is needed, allowing nature to provide a calm as families face the most difficult part of their hospice journey.