Penniwells Riding for the disabled centre

Pony Project for the disabled

Penniwells requires horses and ponies to keep providing the opportunities to the disbaled community.

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The main aims for this project is to ensure we have enough horses and ponies to accomodate all those that want to ride with us. At present we have 140 riders per week with only 12 horses and ponies on our school. This means that each horse or pony caters for at least 11 riders per week, which is a huge workload per horse. We are in need of horses and ponies of all sizes ageing from 6 to 10. Gaining more horses will enable our current horses to have a reduced workload but still increasing our number of weekly riders. Our annual costs to keep Penniwells horses running would tally to around £7500 for the farrier £4420 for Hay £3216 for bedding £2000 for hard feed Due to these costs we are unable to purchase much needed new horses. On Average a Riding for the Disabled horse would cost between £3000 and £5000 including tack and rugs.