To develop an integrated project to efficiently and economically provide services to the poor and illiterate people of India.

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Over the last few years the organisation has been involved in establishing Educational Institutions, Orphanages, Destitute homes, Sewing Schools and other activities. This gave a clearer picture of the needs and the problems that India faces in different areas. Therefore it was decided to start an integrated project which will be cost effective and to make the greatest impact in the district and the surrounding hundreds of villages. Gwalior City was chosen due to the geographical proximity and the backwardness of the state. This integrated project will include a Higher Secondary School from Kindergarten to twelfth grade, an Orphanage to take care of fifty Orphans, an Old Age Home with fifty units, a Hospital and a Medical Research Centre with a hundred beds, a Nursing College to train young men and women in nursing, caring for HIV & AIDs victims, learning the needs of street children and destitute people, a Teacher’s Training College, and a Computer Institute. All our projects are named as Bethesda which means House of Mercy Action Plan The local partner organisation has already raised funds to buy twelve and half acres of land only seven miles from the city of Gwalior. They will continue to contact their present and future donors to help them finish and run this Integrated project. Some of these projects eg the Nursing College, Teacher’s training College and Computer Institute will become self sufficient from the time it starts functioning. The Hospital will be free for the poor and the others will pay for their treatment. The money received from payment will be utilised to treat the poor. The School also will have a small fee system built into it which will enable it to become self sufficient within five years. The Elderly home and the orphanage will be the only two projects that will need constant and continuous support. These funds can be raised from our present donors. Beneficiaries Gwalior District has a population of approximately over two million people. Through everyone of these projects many thousands of children and families will be benefited from the whole district of Gwalior with many surrounding villages being affected, with healthcare, education, skills training and elderly services. The total cost of the project is in the region of £5 million but can be broken down into smaller projects which can be funded individually as the project is carried out in phases. Submission We submit the above integrated project for your kind consideration. If we are chosen as a charity to receive grant funding for anyone of these projects or the whole we will disperse your funds with the maximum diligence which will involve close monitoring, ongoing evaluation and progress reporting. We will aim to achieve the best return socially and economically your investment and the beneficiaries.