Building Kapanda Secondary School

In cooperation with the District Education Office, the local Chiefs and the local MP, RIPPLE Africa has led the construction of a secondary school in the village of Kapanda.

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RIPPLE Africa started constructing a school at Kapanda in 2007 and we now have one complete double classroom block which is being used by Form One students. Previously, students had to walk 24 km each day to attend lessons, but now with the school at Kapanda it means that more children will benefit from a secondary education and do not have to leave their homes at 4.30am to get to lessons. We aim to build a fully functioning secondary school with four classrooms, teachers' housing, office and storerooms and we want to equip all the classrooms with enough desks and textbooks for all students. We have a thorough breakdown of all costs for the building and equipping of the school available on a PDF which can be found on the website However, a total for the complete project would be £130,000.