Into Harness

To get small and often lamanitic ponies working in harness. Getting trained ponies working in the community for the benefit of children and adults who otherwise would have little contact with the very animals that our national heritage was built upon.

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The idea behind the project is bring horses/ponies back into the community where they used to be decades ago. The goal is to have many more ponies working in harness, and being used for many and varied projects, allowing people contact with a working animal for those who otherwise would never see one outside a book or film. costings are for each pony from intake - and these are mostly ponies saved from meat lorries at UK auctions - to trained working animal complete with cart, harness and tuition period would be as follows PONY £30-100 CART- £400 HARNESS £200 TRAINING £500 There would also be an short term ongoing cost to support the ponies in situ once approved homes are found but it is anticipated that local fundraising would take over the care and well being costs within a 6 month introductory period. By using sanctuary ponies for this project there is also the safety net of the sanctuaries bases for any needing to return or needing respite from a working enviroment.