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Taking Loneliness Seriously

Lonelinss can impact on our lives at any time. Having provided an effective service in Oxford for 26 years The Archway Foundation is keen to develop its services to respond to those hurt by loneliness who live in other parts of the county, especially in rural areas.

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With a small satff team of 3 part time exployees and a group of 70 volunteers providing the Oxford service we aim to maximise our resources by looking for opportunities to work in partnership with other groups and organisations ( Our Oxford day time cafe is run in partership with a United Reformed Church that allows us free use of premises and encourage their congregation to apply as volunteers) to extend our service to respoind to need in other parts of the county. GOALS: Highlight issue and impact of loneliness to policy makers andleads in other organisations. Identify potential partnership opportunities for extending services. COSTS: Archway Conference to highlight loneliness and its impact to policy makers and key leads in other organisations: £2,500 Staff Time networking and pursuing partnership opportunities £15,000 Volunteer Recruitment & Expenses £4,500 Room Hire & Office Costs £3,500 TOTAL £23,500