Rebuilding lives of people with brain injuries

A new life-affirming inititative helping people with brain injuries back into volunteering, further eduation and employment; an expert and empathic team work closely with clients to reintroduce them into the workplace and their community.

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Without vocational rehabilitation people with a brain injury find themselves among the long-term unemployed. Research from Headway indicates that an estimated 500,000 people of working age in the UK are living with long-term disabilities as a result of an acquired brain injury. Government research shows that before injury 77% were employed or studied and after the injury 80% did not have any occupation. After 5 years, only 40% had returned to work.


We want to see stronger communities where people's disabilities are better understood and catered for. We want people with brain injuries to have the chance to rebuild their lives. By providing information about living with a brain injury, assistance to find jobs for them and support for both them and their workplace, we can do this and increase community understanding of the needs of people living with a brain injury.