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Asylum Seekers get £40 a week to feed, clothe and transport themselves. If they are destitute they receive nothing. We now offer breakfast and lunch 2 days a week but would like to extend this to 5. We also run cooking lessons on a Wednesday afternoon, but would like to expand this as well.

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We want to offer meals and cookery classes to people going through the Asylum process or those who have been made destitute at the end of their journey. Part of the development of the cookery classes is to provide a box of ingredients that people can take away and cook for themselves or their friends and family. During our first cooking lesson, the 5 participants all cooked meals for 2, sharing their food with others. Food is a great tool for breaking down barriers and engaging people, which is what we're all about. A hearty vegetarian meal for 2 can be produced for around £1.50, porridge costs about 70p per kilo and soup and bread around 30p per portion so to produce 30 bowls of porridge/day, 30 bowls of soup and bread/day and have 5 people learning to cook/day would cost around £100/week in terms of materials.