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To deliver in prisons an exhibition and workshop programme, which focuses on contemporary issues of prejudice and discrimination by educating about the life and diary of Anne Frank and the Holocaust. At each exhibition placement we train a number of participants as exhibition guides.

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In 2009 there was a 12% rise in reported hate crimes compared to 2008. Inevitably, the attitudes motivating racist and hate-based offending are carried into prisons and YOIs and can increase tensions, which, if not tackled, affect prisoners’ chances of rehabilitation. Indeed there has been a steady rise in alleged racist incidents in prisons. 58% of prisoners interviewed said that they had experienced racism in the previous six months in the prison.


Our project tackles prejudice and discrimination and promotes more positive behaviour amongst prisoners. We help prisoners reflect on and take responsibility for their past actions, achieve formal qualifications through OCN-accredited courses and develop leadership skills through peer education.