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IARS International Annual Conference 2014

the “Restorative Justice in Europe: Safeguarding Victims & Empowering Professionals” (RJE) is a transnational two year project that started on 1st December 2012. It aims to facilitate the implementation of the restorative justice related articles (principally Articles 12 and 25) of the Directive 201

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It ran from 2:32 PM, 5 November 2014 to 10:47 AM, 3 March 2016


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we know that restorative justice helps victims which is why they deserve better access at any stage of the criminal justice system. that's why we recently introduced proposals allowing for pre-sentence restorative justice, as well as a new action plan to support greater consistency and quality in its delivery.


The Directive establishes minimum standards on the rights, support and protection of victims of crime, replacing Council Framework Decision 2001/220/JHA. The RJE focuses on the implementation of the restorative justice related articles.