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BOOST - New Media Technology for young people

To give young people a chance to experience and deliver the whole end-to-end production of short films from storyboard, scripting, acting, filming, editting and production. Building and boosting life-skills of a mixed social group by working in groups with differnet responsibilities as well as acquiring technical skills in the end to end process.

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We have a growing band of mixed social class young people attendig the various groups on offer (upto 200 local young people can attend some events). We wish to offer the existing group of young people (12 to18 year olds) and those on the fringes an exciting and relevant set of activities to help boost life-skills like low self-esteem, improve relationship development, leadership, add new skills via the technology and creative and activity management. We have tried out the idea by borrowing some equipment, so we know we can do this nd we have the skilled adults to assist and have set up a "media team". We need funding to purchase our own camera, lights, PC and editing software. We have a detailed breakdwn of everything we need and prices etc....a minimum set-up would cost around £5k and our target set-up around £8k. This would include the reasonably high-spec Video camera, lights, dedicated PC for edditing, the editing software and a few incidentals. We have a demo DVD of what we can achieve. Borrowing equipment is not a realsitic option. We have a local person who has granted part of his warehouse for a simple studio too once we have the equipment.