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"Hat Trick"

Offer a football sporting alternative to young people who attend or who are on the fringes of the various clubs as an alternative to anti-social activities across the town. The existing activities and the proposed newly extended activities such as the Hat Trick sport option offers an excellent and relevant alternative to local young people. In addditon some of the young people will be given a level of responsibility in organising and running aspects to help build confidence, low-self esteem and equip with good life-skills.

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The current activities of the groups are largely technology / music-band, craft and drama based ativitities. We currently do not offer a significant sporting option which is a gap which we need to fill. Increasingly sport as well as technology based activity seem to be the most relevant subjects to young people and ones in which they will age and take some level of leadership and ownership. Based on our expected demand, we feel Hat Trick would meet a curent demand and attract additional young people loking for sport related activity. We have available to us on site an encosed field as well as a large indoor hall. We have researched the project and have details on specific items and costs of two ets of goalposts, footballs and nets, cones and coloured bibs for 40 kids. The capital cost is broadly £850 and the anual running cost (assuming we provide some refreshments) is around £800 not including the salary costs of our existing youth workers or voluneers time which we would not inclde in this project as a cost.