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Health and Well-being

To provide teaching for older people that will allow them to eat and cook healthy, nutritional foods on a small budget.

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Through our partnership working with local health professionals and our own contact with the more vulnerable older members of our community, we have identified that there is an increasing number of, predominantly single men and women that are unable to cook for themselves. Predominantly the reason for this is lack of knowledge (because they have not ever looked after themselves) or lack of understanding of food labelling and pre made dishes content. Our catering staff has devised a short, easy to understand teaching package that will help people understand; · Food labelling · Basic Hygiene · Food nutrition · Low cost healthy shopping · Followed by demonstrations of what foods can be cooked in a quick and healthy way. After receiving this training each person will receive a home visit and be shown the same basic cooking methods in their own home. At the same time the trainer will cook a number of meals for freezing and instruct the individuals how to store defrost and reheat these meals.