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Following a number of local surveys, we know older people need help cleaning, gardening and with DIY. We have now put together a project to deliver these service using a mixture of volunteers, paid and self emoployed workers.

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Hundreds of older people are sufering in silence because they either do not where to go for help or can not afford to pay full tradesman prices for work, This leaves then vulnarable to illness and where their properties look run down, vulnarable to criminals who target the old and frail. We have been given a small grant by the county council to begin delivering a help at home service, but demand is proving to be greater than our initial research suggested. We are looking for funding to equip the volunteers and to effectivley market the services available. We need just under £2,000 for equipment and £880 for advertising and £2,200 for printing information booklets to go around the district. To pilot the service for one year we need to pay an additional part time coordinator and supply them with back room support. The cost for that will be £8,300