St Patrick's Church, Edinburgh

St Patrick's Restoration Appeal

Celebrating the past Living the present Securing the future A restoration appeal to ensure the future of this beautiful building in the heart of Edinburgh's Old Town (a UNESCO World Heritage Site).

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This £2 million appeal incorporates fabric repairs, restoration of rare murals by Alexander Runciman, upgrade of the organ for use in worship and in concerts and the building of a new hall for Church and community use. Originally built between 1771 and 1774 for the Scottish Episcopal Church, it was sold to the United Presbyterian Congregation in 1818, before becoming a Catholic Church in 1856. The church has a fascinating social history which includes being the original "Home of the Hibs". The football team came out of the St Patrick's branch of the Catholic Young Men's Society. The Runciman Murals project includes the restoration of "The Ascension of Jesus into Heaven", which was painted over when the building was the home of a relief Presbyterian congregation. It is the only surviving mural by Alexander Runciman (1736-1785) and is described by the Heritage Lottery Fund as being "of outstanding national importance". Of the £2 million budget, £500,000 still needs to be raised (£190,000 of which is for the Runciman Murals project).