Kent Family Mediation Service

Family Relationship Counselling

To provide brief, practical, forward looking help with family relationship difficulties for parents, grandparents, couples, children (with parent's consent) individuals, families.

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The service receives many calls from individuals wanting counselling which is a service that we are currently unable to offer although we have family mediators who are trained counsellors. Counselling seems a natural partner to mediation and could help in some mediation cases to smooth the way to an amicable agreement. Our goal would be to offer this service at a reasonable cost or in instances of low income at a reduced or free rate; to set-up and provide a respected counselling service that can be maintained. In order to provide one hour of counselling it would cost the service £130; this takes into account all staff, utilities and overhead costs. Having researched the cost of counselling locally it is anticipated that this would cost £35 per hour. Therefore the cost to subsidise the ongoing costs would be £95 per hour of counselling. Initial set-up costs would include advertising and awareness and we anticipate that this would be covered by a budget of c.£6,000. In order to run the project and administer the service a new staff admin post would be created at a cost of £7,500 per year.