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Low Ticket Prices and high donations are financially efficient (saving VAT), allow people to support at any level and are artistically valuable through increasing engagement. 6 Symphony concerts in Watford Colosseum need underwriting until the new pricing systems get established. Brochures with pleasure. See

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With professional concerts and soloists there is always a gap between income and outgoings. The money is needed to underwrite the concerts, because they cost more than they earn. The higher the ticket prices the fewer people, and vice versa. Our music is not elitist, we welcome everybody with low prices and asking for donations means less VAT is due and more Gift Aid is available. It is about getting the audience involved, so that everyone owns the concerts. A full hall is more likely with low prices and this is the aim. Prices rise with proximity to the concert dates, encouraging loyalty. Subscription tickets are £30 for all six, I month before they are £45, then £60 by the start of the season. Single tickets are £10 3months before the season starts, then £15 one month before, then £20 per concert. The shortfall on the season is £25k.