Beds for Orphans this Christmas!!

We are in desperate need to provide all of our 120 children with a bed this christmas. We have just opened our boarding school for orphans and abandoned children in our Children's Community Village in Sierra Leone and need your help!

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It ran from 5:31 AM, 20 November 2008 to 4:10 PM, 19 December 2008

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We need 50 beds and 50 mattresses. It costs £25 per bed It costs £25 per mattress 100% of any donation we receive here will go direct to purchasing these essential items. Make the purchase from the 1st December and we'll get a bed for free!!! The children we are helping have never slept on a bed, many are street children, orphans and abandoned kids who have been given a new chance through our innovative program we are running there. Please dig deep and help with any donation so we can add some comfort to their lives this year. Orphfund is entirely volunteer based and ensures any donation reaches the children.