Orphan Village Sierra Leone

In the remote north of Sierra Leone we are working with a community to establish an orphan village for over 150 of the regions most vulnerable street children and orphans. This project aims to reach out to many of the children who lost their families through the recent civil war, disease and extreme poverty.

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So far we have created 3 homes for orphans, providing shelter for 120 children and one primary school that allows our orphans to gain free access to education. Our plan is to develop this further by creating a secondary school, training centres, further shelter and business opportunities. With each project we aim to make all projects self sufficient, this is done through local enterprise and through agricultural programs. The project here helps some of the worlds poorest children in a country gripped by poverty. Donations we have received so far amount to £30 000. 100% of this has been spent on 3 buildings. Any further donations help feed, clothe and provide ongoing support to our children as well as allow us to develop more facilities for the children. Funds needed - Secondary school - £13000 Agricultural development (tractor,rice fields,farm, garden) £4000 Training Centres - £5000 Current Monthly Costs to provide for 150 orphans - £1000